Scalp Micro Pigmentation does not penetrate the skin as deeply as tattooing does, and the color of the pigment is matched to your natural hair color and skin tone. Before the procedure, our technician will help you determine a suitable color and hairline, based on the natural hairline and shape of your face.

Tiny dots are then tattooed into the skin. An appointment typically takes about three hours. The permanence of the pigmentation depends on your skin and can be adjusted. When the natural hair turns gray, the implanted color can be altered to match.

There is very little pain with the procedure and topical anesthetics are used if necessary to numb the scalp.

A consultation before the treatment is included when we will assess the condition of your hair and scalp, and your suitability for scalp pigmentation treatment.

Everyone client’s skin and needs are different. Usually to achieve the best, long lasting results micro scalp pigmentation needs to be built up over multiple sessions ranging from three to five or six sessions depending on the area of the scalp to be covered.

During the first session the hair line is decided upon and designed and then pigmentation is started with the first and second zones (areas) in the first session.

Several appointments can be scheduled at the first visit.

It is completely normal for the pigment to slightly fade after the initial session. At the next session color will be added to increase the density and tone of the color and adjustments can be made to the hair line design if necessary and the next 2 or 3 areas will be treated. A third session is often sufficient to complete the treatment but if the color takes longer to implant due to the skin quality further sessions may be needed to increase the look of density. Also further hair loss and scarring caused by hair transplants can determine the number of sessions.

Conditions such as alopecia areata or scarring can alter the skin quality and can cause irregular fading and might require more sessions to ensure even density and color.

When Scalp Micro Pigmentation is done correctly, it is possible to achieve excellent, undetectable results. Even on close inspection the treatment can accurately simulate the look of shaved hair and with periodic touch ups should last for several years.

Please reach out to Scalp La Jolla if you have any questions or concerns about the procedure or our services.

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